belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

The End of Insanity (For Now . . .)

Yesterday's deadlines were met, so insanity has abated and today is proving to be a much kinder, gentler day.

At any rate, my uber-pink dress now sports a second guard, plus a black bias border around the neckline.

And I'm telling you, the more I do to this dress, the more stuff I want to do. I just found a couple of yards of blue-grey linen in my stash that will make a nifty doublet to throw on top. Probably with a contrasting lining.

Can somebody stop me please?

Hmmmm . . . on second thought don't. I am having too much fun with this project . . .

At any rate, other than designing accesories for never ending petticoats, I finally got around to cutting a couple of doublets for ballistabob. Or maybe I should say that ballistabob allowed me to cut a couple of doublets for him.

(About time!)

The truth be said, ballistabob's hand-stitching is even better than mine. However, being as it is that he's been busy with his woodworking, he hasn't had the time to make new garb and his old, tired doublets are driving me up the wall. Hence, permission to sew.

This has made me very happy in a number of levels: a) My sweetie will look great in his new duds; b) I will get to run with scissors; and c) I am making a dent on my fabric stash.


And finally, this weekend I got to use my new camera for the first time. Thanks to pirategirleee for serving as my model and guinea-pig. I got to take a little pictorial of her with the "portrait" mode, and the results were quite nice.

(Yes, even those where geoffreyapclwyd snuck up behind her and made faces.)

Now, if I could only figure out all the other functions on this little toy, I will be a very happy woman . . .
Tags: costuming, photography

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