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Cameras -- Part Deux

Thanks to all of you folks who sent me your recommendations for cameras.

Non surprisingly, it seems that most of the recommendations are for either Canon or Olympus cameras. I think I'll go that way. The question remains on how sophisticated I want to go with my little toy.

It is funny. I have never thought of myself as a camera buff. However, after realizing that I own three regular film Olympus cameras (one subcompact, one compact, and one semi-professional), plus my ever trusty little red Kodak Easy Share, I suppose that this could qualify me at least as a camera enthusiast.

What I like about my small camera is that I can take it everywhere in my purse, and that includes SCA events, weddings, bar mitzvas, first communions and funerals. (Literally.)

For some reason, I have the compulsion of recording everything on film (or digitally, or whatever). Sometimes at the risk of being given dirty looks by people who don't think that toting the camera around at every particular opportunity is very proper.

A shining example of this was my father's funeral. I took pictures of everybody and everything. Sure, I got some funny looks, but at the end, everyone wanted me to post the pics online and get copies. So I did precisely that. After all, there are some family members that I only get to see every 10 years or so. It is nice to remember each other through pictures.

Life is too short not to document it. Only that I am reaching the point in which I want to have a better quality picture.

The only disadvantage of being the unofficial recorder of life? I seldom appear in any pictures.

But hey, that's life in the fast track.
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