belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Almost Sapphire . . .

My gathered kirtle is almost ready. First row of guards is pinned and ready to be sewn. Second row may or may not happen today, but that is one that I can always attach later. It will all depend on how much progress I can make tonight, but at least one row of guards will be ready.

I must say, this is the most comfortable bodice that I have ever owned. I previously had used broom bristles to stiffen doublets, but this is the first boned bodice I make, and those suckers (broom bristles) worked like gangbusters. Not only they look right, but they feel right.

Yes, I did think about using plastic ties, but I just could not bring myself to do it. Broom bristles are a little bit more time consuming in that you have to stick a bunch of them, one by one, but the comfort is well worth the effort.

And now that I have made my first gathered petticoats (or kirtle), I can make more in every color. Plus, now I can make a variety of corsets too!

My fear of making 16th Century boned bodices and corsets has been left behind.

Yay me!

The best part? I can use this kirtle as a dress, with a doublet, jacket or surcote on top, or I can use it as underwear and just make a gown (unboned!) and throw it on top. This is just too cool.

Anywhoo, I hope to see many of you tomorrow at Sapphire. The weekend promises to be lovely, and it will be loads of fun.

Happy weekend everyone!
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