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Clarification on Siege Meeting at Sapphire Joust


This is a friendly reminder that on Sunday, May 28, at
Sapphire Joust, there will be a meeting of the
Atlantian Society for Siege Weapons and Heavy Infantry
Projectiles, and everyone with an interest on siege is

Said meeting will take place at 10 a.m. at the Ponte
Alto Baronial encampment.

Some folks have inquired if this is a siege class, and
if there will be credit for becoming siege marshal.
The answer is *no*. This is not a class, and there
will be no credit.

What it is, is an information and planning meeting.
The information will be for those folks who need to
find out what they need to do to get authorized, and
for those who wish to become siege marshals. It will
also be a great opportunity to get to meet each other,
including those folk who are interested on tabletop
models as well. (We have plans for them too!)

The planning part of the meeting is for the role of
the siege engineers of Atlantia at Pennsic, and how
can we best serve the Atlantian army by fielding our

However, this will *not* count as credit for either.
And I repeat, it is not a class. So if you are
planning on driving a lot of hours exclusively to get
credit, you may want to rethink the trip, because
there will be none. :-)

*However*, if you wish to become a Siege Marshal, His
Excellency Jonathas Reinisch, Deputy Marshal for
Siege, will be teaching his MIT class at June
University. That class *will* count towards
marshallate. He is also planning on teaching it at
other events, but this is the one that will be
happening in the near future. I understand that he is
planning on teaching an MIT class at War of the Wings
as well.

We are also trying to see the possibility of holding
siege authorizations for engineers and crew at
Sapphire, but we have not heard back yet on whether
that will be possible or not.

To summarize:

1. The siege marshal class will take place at June
University, not at Sapphire.

2. The meeting at Sapphire is for information and
planning, particularly for Pennsic.

3. We are looking into the possibililty to hold
authorizations for siege at Sapphire, but we have not
heard back on that yet. It will all depend on the
size of the field and whether or not there is enough
room for us to shoot the machines.

3. We are looking forward to meet all of you guys,
whether at Sapphire, at June University, or at another

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Also, we have a Yahoo list for siege enthusiasts. You
can subscribe here:

Sorry for the confusion, and I do hope to see many of
you next Sunday.

Yours in Service,

Belphoebe de Givet
Atlantian Society for Siege Weapons
and Heavy Infantry Projectiles
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