belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Hubba, Hubba . . .

So it seems that I will have my new gathered kirtle ready for Sapphire Joust after all.

I thank American Idol and Dancing with the Stars for that. Being the geek that I am, it is very nice to just sit down in our Oh-So-Comfy-Couch and hand-stitch the whole darned thing just because I am too lazy to go work at the sewing room.

So okay, the channels for the boning were done on the machine, but that's because I did want my dress to be ready for Sapphire. All the rest was simply hand-stitched. My next kirtle will probably be a "sitting in front of a TV" special, down to the boning channels.

I'll be probably watching something like "Myth Busters" or "Cash in the Attic."

Speaking of "Cash in the Attic," has anyone seen the US version of it? I find it very entertaining. While the Brittish version shows people digging stuff out of their attics that could be lost Picassos, or valuable 16th Century trinkets, the American version features stuff like "vintage" underwear (read granny underpants) and Mexican coconut masks.

Oh, yes. I remember a particular US version episode featuring a lady in tears at the prospect of having to sell her collection of about 50 Mexican coconut masks.

(And who can blame her? Everyone needs a Mexican coconut mask!)

This lady was also the proud owner of the 1950's Vintage Granny Underwear CollectionTM. (More on that later.)

Enter the Brittish version: By comparison, in a similar episode, the treasure hunters find a lovely collection of classy Victorian underwear, the type that Fabio would be proud to remove from a delicate Romance Novel Heroine.

One would think, this is classy vintage loungerie, as opposed to the American Granny Underpants.

Now back to the US Version: The coconut masks, surprisingly, sell like pancakes. Probably thanks to the auctioneer, an enthusiastic middle-aged guy that looks like he's right out of the Beverly Hillbillies TV series. He's talking at about 200 mph, and at the same time he's trying on the Vintage Granny UnderwearTM.

Nothing like a balding guy with a beer gut and a 1950's brassiere on his head to get those bidders going.

Needless to say, the Vintage Granny Underwear CollectionTM sells at a record price.

Oh, and the Mexican coconut masks too.

Now back to the Brittish version.

The auctioneer is the personification of decorum, and he is advertising the lovely Victorian loungerie collection to a group of bidders that look as enticed by this as a five year old by a bowl of spinach.

Needless to say, the loungerie does not sell, although a lovely tea set decorated with a humorous cow does, as well as some other lovely pottery and jewelry pieces that leave me drooling.

In the end, the Brittish version of "Cash in the Attic" is definitely better than the American version.

However, if you ever wish to sell your grandmother's unmentionables, you are going to need the Hillbilly version of "Cash in the Attic," with Ned Clampett as the auctioneer.

And now, that takes talent.

Hubba, hubba.

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