belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

The Ongoing French Project and Superbowl Sunday

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Sunday was incredibly productive. I have been experimenting more with my French doublet, and I have discovered that I don't need to back my silk with self-backing interfacing. Yay! What I did was to back a swatch with some nifty cotton flannel and, voila, the silk neither moves not remains flimsy. Okay, I have seen descriptions of doublets backed with wool instead, but this was very a nice and light flannel which gives me the exact same result. I'll just make sure to mention it in my documentation.

In that same vein, thanks to kfitzwarin for showing me some nifty silk taffeta samples last Saturday at University. I think that's going to be my fabric of choice next time. :-)

We had an invite to a Superbowl party this Sunday, but my poor Carlos was sick as a dog and I decided to stay home and watch the game with him instead. Poor baby, he's been having a high fever since Saturday evening. I am taking him to the doctor this morning, as he is an asthmatic and I don't want this to get worse.

Today, I have taken off. I really need the break and, besides, if I am to take my kid to the doctor, might as well be today. In the meantime, I shall continue my insane pursuit of the perfect gown, and maybe make some chicken soup. It will depends on what Carlos feels like eating.
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