belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Jerry Falwell

I just found out that Jerry Falwell just died.

Although not a fan of Falwell, I decided that I should mention it. After all, he is the cause of the dreaded Falwell Effect which eats satellite radio, gets you lost in the highway, gets you snowed at (literally), makes you hit fog banks, and generally lose the Gumball Rally to alricthemad -- but not to geoffreyapclwyd and pirategirleee.

Goodbye Jerry Falwell. You provided much fun for LJ entries, even if you made my poor XM Radio go bonkers.

I do hope you are in peace wherever you are.

Me? I will probably head elsewhere.

Preferably somewhere where I can listen to my satellite radio in peace.

And you'd better not haunt it.
Tags: death, falwell effect
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