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University was a lot of fun, and riding with ballistabob and reasdream was a hoot.

The first class I took was Celric's Period Backgammon. I loved it. I also know now what we are going to be playing a lot of at Pennsic --besides "Texas Hold'em." Did you know that you can play a mean variety of Backgammon with up to four players? I am soooo taking my set to camp! Sir Corby's class on how to command a unit was also really good, and I am hoping to put this knowledge to good use. I also took a class on Court Heraldry, which gave me some insight about what Court Heralds do before, during and after Court. Once my term is over as Baroness, I may want to do something like that. (In my copious spare time!)

I was really happy on how my own class turned out. Wow! I didn't know that there was so much interest out there to learn about the intrincacies of an A&S competition! I had a big group of really enthusiastic people. Mistress Maddalena brought up a couple of points that I intend to incorporate into my handout. Also, strawberrykaren, thanks a million for distributing the Atlantian A&S judging forms and instructions. That was really helpful, and I will probably incorporate them to my handout for next time.

The drive back was very pleasant, except for the thunderstorms we encountered on Rt. 95. Coupled with the high gust-winds, it was enough to make us feel that we were in the middle of a bad horror movie. Luckily, we kept ourselves talking so we didn't have a chance to panic. Needless to say that we were only too happy when we got home.

BTW, reasdream thanks a million for fixing my iTunes. I am a very happy belfebe now.

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