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Costumers Symposium

The trip to Costumers Symposium was fun and the drive uneventful.

Uneventful, that is, except for the fact that I made the wrong turn just getting out of my own house. I blame it on the Falwell EffectTM combined with lack of caffeine. (At 7 a.m., one cup of coffee is not enough.)

That, and I am not a morning person.

Other than that, the road trip went as it would be expected when you have four ladies riding in a car. Lots of laughter, gossip, and fun. Bonus points if those four ladies are greta_k, pirategirleee, psallite and Yours Truly.

Talk about a girls day out.

As classes went, I had the chance to take attack_laurel's class on research, and also her class on corsets. As usual, they were very good, I got some answers I needed, and walked out with a nifty pattern which will help me in my Quest for the Perfect BodiceTM.

I also took charlgirlgenius' class on how to draft sleeves. It also got me to the "Aha!" point where those elusive 15th Century sleeves are concerned. Now I know what the little gusset was used for! Also, why my first cotehardie (which sported a zipper, mind you), didn't fit right and why I was never able to raise my arms while wearing it. (And here I was, thinking that it was a matter of period bondage.)

Today, I am going to charlgirlgenius' place and Delfina and I will be fitting each other for gowns under her supervision. I am sooooo looking forward to making one of those dresses! They are so very cool, and I really want to have one to wear at events such as Crown, which lend themselves to wearing pre-16th Century fashion.

The two classes I taught went very well. (Or so I would like to think.) The first one, "Dressing the Rapier Fighter," is always a lot of fun to teach, and I have done it so many times that I can do it in my sleep. I had a full house and a really fun group of people.

The second one, "Gloves, Muffs and Masks, Oh My!" was fine, but I still think it needs a little tweaking. This was the first time I taught it, and that's where you find where adjustments need to be made.

First, there were some folks that thought that the class was about how to make gloves. When I explained that the class was an overview on accessories, I think I detected a bit of dissapointment on a person or two. I still think that the class moved well, but I also think that next time I will have a Power Point presentation to go with it. It is more difficult go get your point accross on an overview without a lot of images, and you cannot put so many on a handout. Not when you are analyzing more than one article of clothing or accesory.

The other thing is that the topic of gloves, particularly glovemaking, begs for a separate class. Glovemaking in particular, if it is going to be done as a workshop, is an entirely different animal. It will also take me some extra time to prepare this class, particularly because it involves designing a glove pattern that everyone can use and/or fit plus a set of instructions that are also user-friendly. I seriously think that it will need more than 1 hour.

I will be working on that one, but don't expect it to happen before the Fall at the earliest. I still need to tweak with the pattern and perhaps have a workshop or two at home to figure out the best manner to approach this in a classroom, and what would be a realistic limit for said class.

And no, modern patterns do not cut the mustard. The whole point of this exercise is to cut them and put them together the period way.

It does make a difference ;-)
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