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Costuming, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars

Question to you, 15th Century types. How much fabric do I need to buy for a fitted gown? I have found a really nifty green worsted wool flannel, got the swatch, and I love it. It is 6.05 oz, and 60 inches wide. Really nifty, but I would like to get an idea since I don't want to order too much or too little. Oh, and I am a size 8-10.

Last night I cut the bodice for my front-laced gathered petticoat. I would like to see if I can finish it for Crown, but I am not holding my breath. After all, there is always Sapphire Joust.

And now, to American Idol: Last night telethon was the cheesiest thing ever. Of course, the cause is very worthy and I am happy that they are raising money for it. (I am a sucker for donating to causes like these.) But not sending anyone home, just sucked.

Oh, well.

At this point, I am being more entertained by "Dancing with the Stars." I would love to see Apollo, Laila and Joey as the final three, and also Billy Ray Cyrus to hold on as much as possible.

No, Billy Ray cannot dance to save his life, but he tries so hard and he's so entertaining that one cannot help but root for him. At least to root enough that he can get an 8 before he leaves the show.

I am convinced that Billy Ray has become the Jerry Springer of this season. Last year, many people were decrying Jerry's staying power, and attributed it at all those "trailer park people" voting for him. Hey, I don't live in a trailer park and I did toss some votes in his direction just because he kept me entertained.

Then again, I have been known to vote for Taylor Hicks and for tossing votes in Sanjaya's direction.

Life is too short not to have fun with it.
Tags: american idol, costuming, dancing with the stars

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