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Fabric and American Idol

It is all psallite's fault.

If she had not posted something about feeding her addiction to fabric with the latest sale, I would not have been tempted into purchashing this.

Alas, I have fabric addictions of my own and now six yards of the stuff are on their way to my humble abode.

As everyone knows, I can resist anything but temptation . . .

Now the same online vendor has sent me a 15% coupon, and I am debating whether to order linen with that or not. At those prices, it is certainly worth it. But I don't currently need any more linen and I should do something with the stuff I already have before getting into any more trouble.

Like playing with bodice patterns.

I may be doing that tonight. Yes, it is American Idol night, but I can certainly work on my bodice while I watch good ole Simon Cowell. And since Sanjaya's departure, it is simply not the same. What can I say?

Still, I am a loyal American Idol fan and I will stick with it to the end.

I have to say though, that I love the guys from Vote for the Worst and I must confess that I did send some of my votes Sanjaya's way. It was just too entertaining not to do so. Phil Stacy? Not so much. And I will continue voting for Melinda until she gets the boot or she wins American Idol, whichever comes first.

Last year, my votes all went to Chris Daughtry. Once Chris was booted off, I just did not find anyone that I really liked so I jumped into the Vote for the Worst bandwagon and merrily helped Taylor Hicks win the competition.

However, Phil Stacy is not Taylor Hicks, and I do have more choices this year than I did last year if Melinda gets booted.

That is, if they don't get booted too.

In that case, all bets are off.

But that's reality television for you.
Tags: american idol, costuming, fabric
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