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Some thoughts on the tragedy of Virginia Tech . . .

I am very relieved to hear that none of our Scadians at Black Diamond were harmed. It is a real blessing to have found out that all of them were well and accounted for.

On the other hand, I have a son who is of college age, and we are currently awaiting responses from the places he applied. I can only think, it could have happened to my son. In fact, those 33 kids and teachers, including the killer, were someone's sons, daughters, fathers, friends, family.

No, there is no safe place for anyone. This time it was Virginia Tech. It could have been any other college, high-school, elementary school or kindergarten. It could have been a McDonald's. It could have been anyone's workplace. The truth is, no one can guess when and where something like that will happen, and you cannot bunker down in your house and go nowhere in fear that your life might end at a moment's notice.

Today my thoughts go not only to the ones that were killed and their families, but also to those who were struck down and who are fighting for their lives at the hospital. One can only pray that those who survive will have no physical permanent damage.

The psychological damage has already been done.

One can hope that all will be able to cope with it and move on . . .
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