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Webpage Updates

And the updating of the webpage continues. Except that I have just realized that the PDF file for the Dressing the Rapier Fighter article has the pages mis-numbered. Easy to correct though.

I am also very happy that I have finished the handout for my class on "Gloves, Muffs and Masks, Oh My!" and printed copies at Kinco's. I will be converting the file to PDF and uploading it to my site, so people can access it.

And speaking of the class, I have realized that the topic of gloves calls for a separate class. Honestly, there is just too much information. Next time I teach muffs and masks, I'll combine it with items like mufflers, scarves and flea furs. It makes much more sense.

For the time being, the topic of gloves will be an overview under the muffs and masks class, but I will start designing a one specifically on gloves for a future University. Hmmmm, perhaps June?

In the meantime, I have added an architectural section to my webpage, and uploaded pictures from Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. Enjoy!
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