belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Holy Crashing Eagles, Batman!

Holy cow, people! An eagle just crashed onto my office window!

Don't worry, nothing happened to the bird. Only its dignity was hurt.

The funniest thing is that it shook itself and then stood there in my windowsill for about 5 minutes, striking a pose and looking dignified. Sort of: "No, I didn't do anything stupid. That was done on purpose and here I am. Admire me."

Then it flew away.

I have to say, this is the closest encounter that I have ever had with an eagle. It was just a couple of feet away from me and it was awesome. And if the window had been open, I would have had an even closer encounter of the eagle kind, which would have been rather alarming for both bird and belfebe.

Wow. What a way to start the weekend . . .

Like I said yesterday, I am back from Montreal. Here are the highlights:

  • Dispensers in the airport's ladies room feature feminine napkins, gum, toothbrushes, and flavored condoms. (I love this place!)

  • I didn't strangle any of the participants to the meeting. That makes it qualify as a successful meeting.

  • Got lost in Old Montreal along with two other friends. We also got the cabbie lost, which goes to prove that you can't take us anywhere.

  • There is very good eating in Montreal.

  • Their underground system of tunnels is just amazing. You can walk anywhere and get there quickly just by following the maze.

  • The Notre Dame Basilica is definitely worth a visit. It's like taking Paris' Notre Dame, shrinking it, and inserting Aix-la-Chapelle inside. A real jewel!

  • They charge you $4.00 Canadian bucks to enter the Basilica. I wonder if you have to pay to attend mass. (Weird.)

  • Montreal's Casino is huge and beautiful and I won 10 cents at the slot machines.

  • It cost me $3.50 to win the ten cents, but that's high stakes for you.

  • I forgot my camera so you're not gettting a pictorial.

  • That was really stupid, since I carry my camera everywhere, including funerals.

  • I'll live.

    And now, just because I am a lemming, here is my Meme.

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