belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Happy Weekend!

Oh, glorious, glorious Friday! I've been waiting for you since Monday! And the fact that I have just finished with the current Mondo Horrid ReportTM only adds to my cheerfulness.

Tomorrow, Tir-y-don Investiture, where I plan to fight, socialize and generally have a good time. Sunday, I fly to Montreal where I expect to freeze my patoot, but I hear that it is a lovely city so all is good.

(One has to wonder, whose idea it was to do Montreal in March? It would have had much more sense to do Bahamas in March and Montreal in July, but that's life in the fast track.)

At any rate, I will be heading for home now. I expect to see a number of you tomorrow, and for the rest have a happy weekend!
Tags: events, travel

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