belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Weekend, and Webpages

Weekend was awesome. I believe that this is the first weekend in months that I have the chance to really, really relax. And thanks to my sweetums, I even got to spend my day at the Spa on Sunday. Massage . . . facial . . . pedicure . . . ahhh, this is the life!

I also got the chance to work on my farthingale. This is a project that I have not given a deadline to. Neither have I given a deadline to the embroidered coif. The result is that I can now sit down in front of the TV and work on either until I am done.

No stress.

Hey, I even got the chance to update the Household webpage! Check the entries on the new members and the updated pictures for Magnus and Zada. More updates coming soon.

I have also decided to create a new section on my webpage dedicated to architecture. Yeah, I know it has has got nothing to do with costuming, but I have some nifty pictures of The Globe in London, as well as some churches and cathedrals in Paris that I believe would add a nice touch. So there.

Finally, I will be in Montreal next week. Leave on Sunday and return on Wednesday. It's on business, but I am hoping to have the chance of doing some sightseeing. Even if it is briefly. Any recommendations?

And that's all folks, I am going back to work.
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