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Well, no working on the dress last night, but I did finish the handout for my class just before American Idol started. Yay!

On the other hand, this morning I decided to give a try to a Pilates DVD at home instead of going to the gym. I must admit, it was harder than I expected. A good tool for flexibility, although I have no plans to replace my resistance training at the gym with home video pilates any time soon.

Thing is, they started a Stott's Reformed Pilates program at our gym several months ago. This particular program uses some sort of contraption that looks like a personal platform with a lot of pulleys and levers. We went to the orientation class, and we had a blast. Regrettably, all their subsequent classes were programmed for either mid-morning or the evening. Since we are working in the morning, and since for us evening workouts are not an option, and since apparently we were the only people who expressed interest on taking that class at 6 a.m., there will be no Reformed Pilates for us. Hence the video.

This particular DVD has been designed following the Stott's method, only without the contraptions. Like I said, a bit more challenging than I expected, but not as much fun. I still need to sit down with ballistabob and design the next step of our training plans. One must fight boredom and routine in this thing. Truth is, the workout that you need is the one that you are not doing. Otherwise, you stall and get bored, and eventually drop out.

Dropping out of exercising for us, is not an option. Revamping our workouts periodically is.

But Pilates will have to be one of those things that we incorporate into our workout as a complement, and not as the main thing. We just like resistance training too much.

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