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American Idol, VFTW, and Bruise Juice

An excerpt from Vote for The Worst:

"Go Sanjaya! And thanks to everyone who voted for him! If we can move him ONE more week into the top 10, he'll go on tour and have to sing a Gwen Stefani song. So we HAVE to vote as much as possible next week. Come on, everyone, this could be the best show ever. Does anyone miss Brandon? Probably not. But now it's obvious that VFTW saved Sanjaya, because he was in the bottom 2 and didn't leave. Had we not voted for him, he would have been gone. Great work, everyone!"

Taking into account that the American Idol talent pool this year is rather limited, these guys are making the show more entertaining than usual. And believe me, this year we need it.

Like I said several days ago, is it me or the judges were on crack when they picked these contestants? My goodness! Not only the majority are mediocre, but they are boring as well. When the most entertaining of the bunch is Blake "Beatbox" guy, we are in trouble.

Sheesh, I even miss last year's Kellie Pickler. (Who still sucks but who has managed to score a hit song in the Country charts, proving once more that there is no accounting for taste. Go Kellie!)

But the folks at Vote For The Worst really spice things up by kicking the hornet's nest on a regular basis.

And no, I am not voting for the worst just yet. I like Melinda Doolitle, who is getting all my votes, and who is my favorite to win the competition.

Now, if she gets sent home before the finals, all bets are off. Daughtry was my pick last year and, after he was booted out, I jumped into the VTFW wagon and helped Taylor Hicks win the competition.

Why? Because he was entertaining and I like to be entertained. So there.

Of course, Daughtry has now released a kickass album, which has gone double-platinum --which goes do prove that you don't have to win the competition to be a star. It also proves that I have a good eye (or ear) to pick my artists, if I say so myself.

(Yeah, I am humble like that.)

But I love American Idol. I love a show that gives the little guy the chance to make it big. It is addictive and as of now, my Tuesdays and Wednesdays are tied up until the very end.

So you remember the drill: If you need to call me on those evenings, your pants'd better be on fire and the Fire Department busy. If your pants are not on fire, they will be soon. I Promise.

On a different subject, about three years ago fighters got little tins of "bruise juice" at Pennsic. I believe it was from the then Queen of the Midrealm. I don't know what the ointment has in it, but works like a charm. I am running out of it and I would like to make more. Does anyone have a recipe for it? My bruises and I will be much obliged if you share it.

And now, back to the Salt Mines.
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