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Stay Good!

The first thought of the day goes to charlgirlgenius and her (soon to be) soul-crushing powers.

I was thinking about that that, when I realized that I did not have a Kiki "Stay Good" icon, a situation that I immediately fixed by making one. So yes, charlgirlgenius, this icon's for you.

(If you are not familiar with Kiki, you can go visit Sluggy Freelance, one of the coolest online comics ever.)

Stay good, charlgirlgenius! Stay good!

After so much panic, KASF and otherwise, I finally made it to another rapier practice.

Although still rusty after so much stuff going on, I am happy to report that I felt less discombobulated than last week. Strangely enough, my control became better as soon as I started using my other, heavier and longer blade (I will call it Blade A).

Yes boys and girls, I purchased that blade from Darkwood eons ago, but I always felt uncomfortable with it. For one thing, I was not happy with a longer blade, let alone a heavier one, since I felt it unwieldy and I did not have the upper-body strenght to really handle it well -- especially after a mastectomy. (Plus, a smallsword has always been more to my liking.)

I guess that as my chest muscles have settled down (it will be 5 years this may since the Mastectomy, yay!), and as I have been exercising relentlessly, I feel that I can now handle this weapon in a more proper manner.

Brian of Darkwood always argued with me against lighter blades, on the basis that they don't move in a period manner. He said that they move more like an epee and not like a rapier. To be honest, at the time I didn't care. All I knew is that I needed something I could comfortably wield and the rest was gravy. That was achieved in the second blade he made for me, which is amazingly light and fast (I will call it Blade B).

Nevertheless, as I have been learning more advanced moves from Marcellus and other people, I have noticed that Blade B (the lighter one) is not that conducive to pulling those moves. The other thing is, last night we noticed that with Blade A (the heavier), I tended to keep a better form and have more control.

You see, I do have a tendency to lead with my head as I attack or as I close. However, with Blade A, if I do that, my blade will droop. Because I don't want it to droop, I am forced to keep my head straight, which results in a much better defense and offense.

Oh, and not getting my head pegged in the way in is nice too.

So who knows. I still get tired faster with Blade A, but I am delighted that I can wield it just as easily as any other blade.

Guess all those hours of training at the gym are paying off.


And tomorrow is Bloodbath, and I will be fighting. I am looking forward to see all of you guys, and cross blades with you.

Happy Friday to all!
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