belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Funeral Gowns -- Gotta Go in Style

From Entertainment Online UK/Ireland:

"Anna Nicole Smith is set to bow out in style in a gown created by her favourite dressmaker.

If a judge in Florida gives the former Playboy model's remains to her companion Howard Stern, she will wear a frock by Beverly Hills designer Pol' Atteu in her open casket.

Atteu's partner Patrick Simpson would not describe the dress but told the New York Daily News: "He knew how to accentuate every one of her sexy curves."

Today I heard in the morning radio that yes, indeed, Anna Nicole will be buried in a gorgeous gown that her designer friend made especially for her funeral. The show went on and on about the dress and kickass funeral details.

I am highly amused in a morbid sort of way.

Didn't they refer to her corpse last week as a "rapidly decomposing body"? If it was going bad in the fridge a week ago, I cannot imagine what the poor thing looks like now. And it must be pretty ripe since the morning show added that the casket would not be open. I guess that an open casket would stink up the neighborhood for weeks.

I pity the fool who will have to dress her up in her designer gown.

Then again, maybe 500 years from now someone will dig her up to study the costuming styles of the early 21st Century, much to the delight of reenactors.

Can't say that she did not make a contribution to world culture.
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