belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Cloaks and Ice

I finally made it to work today.

No, my car has not been freed from the ice. Poor little Silver Bullet is still stuck in our driveway, and it doesn't seem that the situation will change any time soon. If it weren't for ballistabob's generosity in driving me to work today, I'd still be stuck at home.

So okay. Three days ago I was sacrificing chickens so we could get a snow day. Three days later, I am getting angsty about not been able to leave the house. You see, I am horrible when it comes to cabin fever. Like Lazarus, at the third day I have an urgent need to leave my grave.

Brainzzzz . . . brainzzzz . . .

(Ooops, wrong story.)

At any rate, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

On other news, last night I cut my full circle cloak. Yes, boys and girls, after a gazillion number of years, I will get the cloak I always wanted: A really nice and toasty floor-lenght full circle cloak, lined with flannel.

So okay, I still need to purchase the flannel, but I have a G-Street Fabrics coupon and I am not afraid to use it.

At any rate, I had purchased this fantastic orange/rust colored wool at Pennsic, and it had been languishing in my laundry room for quite a while, awaiting washing. I did accomplish that yesterday and, with the help of the fearless ballistabob, we cut it last night, and I put the outside shell together.

I must admit that I had been weary of cutting that wool. I have a terrific pattern that the fabulous Robert Beddingfield made for me, but it is for a shorter cloak whereas this was a floor-lenght one. (I still need to make the short one. It is right out of Janet Arnold's!) So ballistabob figured out how to cut the perfect full circle, floor lenght cloak, and voilá. We have a happy belfebe.

I am not sure that it will be ready for Saturday, but I expect it to make its debut at Tournament of Love and Beauty.

G-Street Fabrics! Here we go!
Tags: costuming, family, work
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