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So okay, my driveway is frozen and so are the rest of the adjacent roads. ballistabob was having trouble leaving the neighborhood because his car was skidding all over the place.

Taking into account that he drives an SUV, with a 4X4 option, and that I drive a little Matrix with sports tires, this does not bode well for me. I have contacted work and told them that I am working from home this morning and will see if I can brave the neighborhood in the afternoon.

On the other hand, I am making great progress at home with the Report from Hell du jour, so I am having second thoughts about wasting a couple of hours attempting to make it there.


Anywhoo. My sweetie pie surprised me with a tiny Ipod Shuffler for Valentine's Day.

It rocks.

I have to say, I do own one of the old school, first-generation Ipods, with capacity for 10,000 songs. It is great for hooking it up to the speakers and use it as a stereo. However, for practical purposes and ease of use, I must say that nothing beats the tiny Suffler.

But wait! There is more! He also got me the Dressing Renaissance Florence book that I had been coveting for a while. It is a great resource, and I even found another reference to masks.

(No, no half-masks, just masqued ball type of masks. Sorry vdriscoll)

I love my sweetie.

He knows me so well . . .

And now, back to the Report from Hell.

I really, really need to make progress on that sucker if I want to justify my working from home situation.

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