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So last night I set up the ol' Bernina and the serger, and got crankin' with bahtyoun on his new linen shirts.

The boy has taken to the serger like a fish to water.

"Hey, bel. I think this is the last piece. Got any more?" bathyoun says.

"What piece is that" I say, not recognizing a large square of linen.

"Dunno. It was just there."

"That wasn't a piece. That was the leftover linen for another shirt."

"Well, it's serged now."

I'm telling ya. This guy was born to drive a serger . . .

Anywhoo, we almost finished the first shirt, and got started with the second one. I think I'll need to cut new sleeves for the second one (see serged random piece of fabric), which is a good thing because the first ones were not as long as I like.

Ahhh, another fighter introduced to the joys of wearing linen.

Linen is our friend.

Treat it right and you will wear diamonds.

(Okay, that last part was an exaggeration, but treat it well anyhow.)

On other news, my mask is now finished.

According to Carlos, it is the freakiest project I've finished since Wilhelmina.

Then again, my son has watched too many horror movies featuring demonic dolls. (Chucky anyone? Puppetmasters I, II and III?)

And no, geoffreyapclywd and bigd544, you are still not authorized to stick pins on Wilhelmina! Unless you both have a death wish, that is . . .

At any rate, this is a really cool mask. Stubbes, a really freaky puritan guy from the 16th Century, wrote a treatise called "Anatomie of Abuses." Basically, he was one of those people who were very concerned that someone, somewhere, was actually having fun. Your basic fashionistas of the day were his main target and it didn't matter whether you were male of female. Mr. Stubbes, was an equal opportunity denouncer.

(I wonder what he'd thought of Paris Hilton.)

But back to Mr. Stubbes. In his aforementioned "Anatomie of Abuses," he says that women had taken to the horrible habit of wearing black masks with only holes for the eyes and mouth, and goes to say that they look like "devils" when wearing the dastardly contraptions.

However, after trying my mask on, I am happy to report that Mr. Stubbes was wrong.

Women - or at least this woman - do not look like devils in that mask.

We look like the love child of Dr. Doom and Jason Voorhees.

A very scary love child, but a love child nonetheless.

Heck, a machete would not have been out of place, if only machetes had been period.

But perhaps a very large knife will do.

I may even engrave "BMF" on the grip.

I can't wait to wear my mask . . .
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