belfebe (belfebe) wrote,


Okay, I am officially tired of feeling sick and tired and of the bronchitis that won't go away.

So the cough has been abating, and I am beginning to feel like a human being and not like someone who spends her day with her head stuck in a fishbowl while trying to breathe. Yay me!

But now poor ballistabob has thrown his back and has been in bed for the past two days. He went to the ortho today, who prescribed three more days of bedrest. It seems that it is a very bad muscle pulled, or something went "pop" with a vertebrae. Let's hope it's the first case and not the second. We will know more on Friday.

Keep those fingers crossed.

PS. Okay, 2007. Enough already. We had enough with 2006. Time to give us a break.
Tags: family
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