belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Okay, now LJ ate my entry. It seems to have to be with my pop-up blocker. I think I fixed that. Damn!

At any rate, I think that I have figured out the "double gathered" ruff, and it is looking very nice. I also cut and put together the foundation of the doublet and boned it with . . . broom bristles! Yes, boys and girls, I was looking for something light to shape my doublet and Kate Maunsel came up with that wonderful idea. Since I will be wearing a corset underneath (hence "double" bodies), I did not want to add more weight to the whole outfit yet I wanted it to have the correct shape. All I can say is, broom bristles rock!

I am still tinkering with my settings at home to see if I can solve the problem of not being able to access certain areas of LJ. The feature of leaving comments offline is also wonky. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Soooo, elizabethnmafia I saw the updates that you made to your page, and they are awesome. laughing_fox, as you can see, I am still working on fixing the cookie bug. Stay tuned.

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