belfebe (belfebe) wrote,


Well, my boots from Armlann did arrive, and they are gorgeous. Jon did a great job, and they are exactly what I had in mind.

The only problem is that I cannot get them on, the ankle section being too narrow for my heel to pass through. This is not his fault. A friend of mine, years ago, described my ankles as those of a "fine mare." That means that they are extremely slim, which can easily screw up with any custom-made pair of footwear, especially since my calves are rather thicker in comparison, thanks to gym workouts and fencing practices.

On the other hand, Jon has been very nice about the whole thing, offering to either a) make me a new pair of boots or b) opening the back of the boot at the ankle section and placing lacers. I think I will go for the lacers since the narrow ankle section will provide me with extra ankle support. (I tend to twist my ankles at the drop of a hat. Ankle support is always good.)

Plus, I happen to like this particular pair of boots, so there. I want to keep them.

Next, I need to order my Mary-Rose type shoes, but that will have to wait until my bank account recovers from all the holiday shopping.

And now, back to the drawing board.

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