belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

2006 was a dark and stormy year, although with plenty of silver linings hidden in those thundering clouds.

I cannot say that it was a bad year. I would be lying and I would be ungrateful. It was, however, a very scary year which took me out of my comfort zone in more ways than one.

Then again, like I've always said, comfort is my enemy. By grabbing me by the throat and tossing me all over the place, 2006 taught me more about myself and others than what I would have otherwise learned.

So here is to 2006. An unforgettable year if there ever was one.

But I am looking forward to a more sedate 2007.

Here's to hope.

One of the decisions that I have made for 2007 is to slow down.

Yes boys and girls, the Belfebe is beginning to smell the capuccino and to realize that while she can do everything she puts her mind into, it is very stressful to try to do it all at once. So while I fully intend to give my 100% to Baronial duties, as well as to bringing my research, music, costuming and rapier to new and improved levels, I will not be undertaking any more duties than what I already have, and I will not be trying to do everything at every single event. I just drive myself nuts, and I end up not fully enjoying it. That has to change.

Of course, Baronial duties will always take precedence. That is my first priority and one that I enjoy immensely. After that, I will be planning more carefully at which events I will be fighting and at which ones I will be dedicating myself to A&S, performances, and various and sundry activities not involving a blade.

So if I show up in a dress, that means that day I will not be doing rapier.

(And no, it does not mean that I am quitting rapier, it only means that I will not be doing it that day. I can kick butt at any given time. Only I will have chosen not to do it that day.)

There, I said it.

I feel so much better now . . .

On other news, thanks to the G Street Fabric gift certificates I got from The Navigator and The Cassie, I picked up some very nice pink cotton velvet last Monday, which will be used for making the casings for my farthingale. Said farthingale has already been cut and put together. It's mainly a matter of attaching the casing, inserting the boning, and sewing the waistband.

And of course, I have just realized that the farthingale, along with my neverending French Dress, will have to be put on hold (again), due to the fact that I would like to enter the Persona Pentathlon this year. And although I already have some finished and documented entries, there is still a lot of work ahead of me.

Ahhhh, no rest for the wicked.
Tags: costuming, new year, rapier

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