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Goodness gracious! I haven't have had a chance to do a decent post in several days. However, it being a Sunday, and having had my morning coffee after a good night sleep, I do feel like doing at least a recap of what's been going on.

Work has been hectic this week.

Next week doesn't look good either and I may have to swing by the office today -- which I find yucky since it is such a beautiful day today. However, I may regret it later if I can't meet my deadline.


However, on a happier note, we had a great time at Holiday Faire. As I mentioned on Friday's posting, we were merchanting with the "Barking Cat" along with pirategirleee, melaniesuzanne, psallite, courtney_d_h, ballistabob, and penguininarmor. Needless to say, we did pretty well and I am happy to report that we did put a big dent on the fabric and assorted stuff that we needed to sell in order to make room in my sewing room. (Room for more stuff, that is.) Plus ballistabob sold a good chunk of the walnut, freeing more room in the trailer.

Yay for extra room!

But the best part was the socializing and the having fun while minding the store. I really enjoyed the company. And making a few extra bucks for the holiday season didn't hurt either.

I was also proud of purchasing only stuff that I really needed, and avoiding just impulse buys of stuff that I may not want later. On that note, I got a very nice set of feathers from attack_laurel, as well as a tussy mussy that complemented my outfit very well. (Can you say, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty . . ."?). I was so happy about how everything pulled together that I can't resist the temptation to share it with you. (Thanks attack_laurel!)

My other nice purchases included a very pretty Italian style pearl necklace from Valentine's lady, a comb from The Spanish Peacock (heck, it was French, how could I resist?), and ordered some very nifty dome pewter buttons from the fabulous kyneburh.

Alle Psallite performed, and we had great fun with it. It is always nice to have an audience, what can I say?

So, aside from a situation that arose from miscommunication related with evening Court, it was very, very good day.

I am still feeling pretty this morning.

Yeah, life is good.
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