belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Crown Tourney Part Deux

Heard at Crown Tourney:

troyfish: "So, Carlos. How did you like your visit to VCU?"

Carlos: "It was all right. I think I'll end up there."

troyfish: "You know, I am supposed to hate you. I graduated from Virginia Tech."

Carlos: "Huh?"

troyfish: "Yeah, but I've got no school spirit, so it's okay."

Carlos: "That works. Cuz I'm too lazy to hate anybody. Too much effort."

pirategirleee "Now that you mention it, I graduated from Radford so I'm supposed to hate you both. But alas, I also lack school spirit and I'm too lazy to hate anyone. I guess I win."

And they say that lazyness and lack of school spirit is a bad thing . . .
Tags: college, events
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