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Vintage Models

I found a bit of uplifting news today. Gina Lollobrigida is to wed her boyfriend, who is 34 years her junior.

They have been dating for 22 years.

Talk about true love.

I applaud them.

Then again, my own ballistabob is 11 years younger than me. What can I say? It works, and it works great.

(And if you don't know who is Gina Lollobrigida, you just need to do a Google search. She is an Italian actress that was considered at one point "The most beautiful woman in the world.")

(And yes, I am old enough to remember her.)

Age differences in couples can be entertaining. My first husband was only a year older than me. We were young, we were stupid, and we should never have gotten married, but we did and there you have it.

(At least we got a divorce and we lived happily ever after -- in our separate ways.)

My second husband was 13 years older than me. The marriage didn't work out, but that was not due to the age difference. (Some differences run deeper that simple age.)

Third time's the charm, so this time I found me a wonderful man that just happens to have been born later than I did, and I just can't imagine myself married to anyone else.

But I digress.

The point that I wanted to make is that times are a'changing. It used to be that if a man married a younger woman, people thought "What a stud!" If a woman married a younger man it was "That's scandalous!"

There is still a lot of that out there, but the world is beginning to change. Or at least, the world is becoming more accustomed to see older women marrying or dating younger men.

A coworker of mine, a really attractive widow in her late fifties, used to complain all the time:

"I can't find a man. Men my age are interested only in younger women."

"Well, in that case, why don't you look for younger men?"

"I can't do that! That's wrong!"

Two years later she married a man 10 years younger than her. As far I can tell, they are still happily married and having a ball.

At another time, at a Conference, a balding, rather older gentleman approached me and asked:

"So do people go out for dinner after the meetings are done?" .

"I believe so," I said. "There are some restaurants in the area. You can ask around."

"Well, you know." He added, looking at me up and down. "My wife just turned 50, and I'm thinking about swapping her for a younger model."

"Good for you!" I told him, looking at him up and down. "I am into younger men myself. It's great."

"You're what????"

"Into younger men. They are great. And you wouldn't believe how many young men are fascinated by an older woman. It's the experience. They just can't resist."


"Yup. And your wife may want to consider the option too. You might be surprised at what she can find."

"Oh," He says, scratching his head. "I've never looked at it from that point of view."

"Well, now you know. Good luck in finding your younger model."

I never saw him again.

NEXT TIME: The Legend of the Craddle Robber and the Nursing Home Bandit.

Stay tuned.
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