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I must confess. I have become hooked on Dancing with the Stars.


This is nothing new. I became hooked on Season One, managed to miss Season Two completely, and now Season Three has proven to be quite entertaining and not a little addictive.

For one thing, it has Jerry Springer in it. You gotta love an old guy who has the nerve to go out in public dressed in a deep plunged, black ruffled shirt, shaking a pair of maracas.

(And anyone who knows me well knows that I have a fixation with maracas.)

Jerry also has a strong fan base, which has kept him in the show in spite of the fact that he cannot dance to save his life. However, the entertaining value is priceless.

And that's the thing. It is no secret that it is all about the showmanship and the fan base. Otherwise, you could not explain how Sara Evans has managed to stay afloat. Although enthusiastic in her dancing, the poor girl has all the grace of an elephant stomping daisies and I suspect she's been dressed by her worst enemy and made-up by the same guy who does the Muppets.

Don't get me wrong. As a singer, Sara is awesome and one of my favorite Country stars. But dancing is an entirely different kettle of fish.

At any rate, the point is moot since she has just announced that she's retiring from the competition due to a family situation. It's a pity, since Willa Ford, who really, really rocks, was eliminated last Wednesday.

But that's life in the fast lane.

My favorite? I still can't decide between Mario López and Joey Lawrence, although Emmitt Smith is no slouch and he has done an astonishing job of improving his dancing skills.

And of course, there is Jerry Springer, who week after week regales us with a comic relief worthy of the most seasoned comedian, and who apparently cannot believe that he's still in.

As for Monique, she's been surviving and, although a much better dancer than Sara Evans (and thankfully equiped with a better wardrobe and make-up artists), she is not nearly as good as Willa Ford. I am wondering if she'll be the next to go or if she'll be the dark horse that wins the competition much to everyone's surprise.

All in all, I can tell you this much: I am not sure that Kelley Monaco would have done as well as she did in Season One if she had had to face the competition of Season Three.

Especially since this season features a funny old guy with a ruffled shirt and a pair of maracas . . .

You just can't beat a good pair of maracas.
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