belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

"Ideal" Weight

Somehow, I seem to have misplaced a pound and a half this morning.

Yes, I weighted myself after gym today, and lo and behold, I was 1.5 lb lighter.

I still have to figure out how, since I have not been doing anything essentially different from my normal workout and nutrition plan, but who am I to complain?

And speaking of weight and size. I find it very confusing to go to any sites and find my "ideal" weight. Allow me to elaborate: If you go to any website or read any brochure that calculates your "ideal" weight, you will get a number based on your age, height, and bone structure. But if you look closely, chances are that next to the number there will be an asterisk with a small-print note that reads: "Not valid for athletes and bodybuilders."

Okay. I am a bodybuilder. So how the heck am I supposed to know what my "ideal" weight would be? There doesn't seem to be any easy answer to that question, and there are many other confusing messages about it out there.

Here is an example: I am browsing over my favorite fitness magazine, and I see an ad with "before" and "after" pictures. The "before" pic depicts a woman in a two piece bathing suit, allegedly weighing 145 lb. She looks very big and very out of shape, with "love handles" badly overflowing from the bathing suit.

Now, I weigh more than 145 lb. Yet, I have nicely, flat, cut abs, and I look good in a size 8 to 10 two piece swimsuit, and there is no flesh hanging out from anywhere. Evidently, something is wrong with this picture. Either mine, or hers.

One could explain this phenomenon based on the premise that muscle weighs more than fat. But if that is the case, how do I figure what my "ideal" weight is then? Regular "ideal" weight calculation -- not valid for bodybuilders -- would put me at 125 to 137 lb. That means that I would have to drop a *lot* of weight in order to get there. Then again, at my current weight, I should not fit into my size 8-10 clothes, so that doesn't help me much. Particularly since I used to wear a size 8-10 at 125 lb, when I was younger and did not exercise at all! How can it be possible to continue wearing the same size at 125lb and at 155lb? (Or 153.5 as of this morning.)

Beats me.

At any rate, losing some weight while exercising and eating well is a good thing. I am not sure that I want to be much smaller than what I am now, but I am not complaining.

And as long as my clothes fit and I feel good, I am a happy camper.
Tags: fitness, weight loss

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