belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

6 Random Things

Okay, I was tagged by courtney_d_h, so here goes

6 Random Things...

(Once you've been tagged, you have to write six random things about yourself. Then tag six more people and list their names.)

1. I am the oldest of three siblings: Me, my sister and my brother.

2. I am old enough to clearly remember watching "Captain Kangaroo" on TV, and those were not re-runs!

3. For that matter, I do remember when color TV first came on. My favorite show in color? Batman, of course.

4. All of my baby teeth had to be extracted. Why? Because all of my baby teeth had adult roots and would not fall off. (Which goes to prove that I am a mutant freak.)

5. I can do the Macarena to anything!

6. My dad was a professional bullfighter in his young days (it takes a lot of cojones to go against 500lb of angry bull armed with nothing but a pair of banderillas) He gets a kick at the fact that I fight rapier.

Okay, next tag: ballistabob, carthew, psallite, geoffreyapclwd, tirloch, elizabethmafia
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