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After all the madness to finish Project Wilhelmina, it feels strange not to be working on a project.

I've been vegging all week, and my claim to fame so far is having done a load of laundry and uploaded the Chalice pictures to my Community Webshots account.

Yay me!

(Of course, work has kept me busy, but I am not counting that.)

So what's next? I ask myself . . .

Lemmesee . . . for one thing, attending fencing practice this Thursday for a change. And I will need it if we are to make it to Masters of Defence this Saturday.

Let's see if I remember which way the pointy end goes.

Oh, I know! It goes into in the other guy!

But I digress . . .

So okay, my next major project will not involve any sewing, knitting or embroidering. It will involve singing.

Yup, I must prepare for War of the Wings, where I will be joining the Ponte Alto Performing Contingent. There is a piece that I find very interesting (actually two), and I must prepare documentation and practice this sucker.

That, and updating my webpage, as well as ballistabob's, Seamus', and geoffreyapclwyd's.

And of course, at one point I will have to go back to my French Gown of Insanity. But since there is no deadline for that, I can work on it at leisure. I am hoping for it to make its debut either at 12th Night or KASF.

My other projects will also involve cutting Carlos' leine, so I can give his back to Ruadhri; fixing Marcellus' new venetians; embroidering Seamus' linen gold scarf; and (here's to hope) making Carlos a new doublet and breeches for 12th Night.

But again, since none of those have an immediate deadline, I don't have to freak out.


In the meantime, I can concentrate on other things such as fencing, doing laundry, updating pages, and cleaning the house.

Life is good.
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