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Finally! A free moment to post!

Yay me!

Anywhoo, I feel that I have been slacking on my gym routine for the past couple of weeks, and have not made my usual 5 times a week. Three times a week just don't do it for me. However, I have felt very tired and overwhelmed lately, and getting out of bed has been rather difficult.

Nevertheless, I have decided that instead of feeling guilty, what I need to do is get back on the wagon and get my butt out of bed and into the gym no matter what. (Yes, my beloved ballistabob, you have my leave for kicking me out of bed in spite of my protests, and I will love you even more for that.)

That said, progress on Project Wilhelmina is being made, slowly but surely. Tonight, I cut the doublet. Man, I've been thinking about the construction of all of her wardrobe even in my sleep.


I will be so happy when I am done.

Next step? The hair, and I believe it will be a hairy process, since I've not done this before, let alone with mohair. It will be entertaining, as I've said it before.

On a different subject, there has been much discussion on the issue of "surprise elevations." I have been thinking about it and, personally, I like the surprise element that we have in our Kingdom. I am still highly amused at the memory of my receiving my AoA. I was so surprised when I was called into Court that I said "Oh, sh-t! What have I done?". Thankfully, TRM did not hear that, but those people close to me are still laughing at it to this day.

The day I received my Pearl is also one of my happiest memories.

I had absolutely no clue that I was going to receive it.

When TRM called the Order of the Pearl, and then they asked Alejandro to go look for the candidate, I did not want to think that it would be me. Even when he started going up the stairs and approaching my seat, I looked around to see who it was that he was going to pull out of the populace. Thankfully, I did not say "Oh, sh-it!" this time, but that's perhaps because I was speechless.

All I can say, that surprise really made my day.

(As for the "Oh, sh-t", that's exactly what I lovingly told my beloved ballistabob when he proposed.)

(. . . And ballistabob, without missing a beat, said to me "Is that a yes?")

(For the record, it was indeed a yes . . . )

Having said that, as a member of a polling Order, I have found it very useful when the Order gets informed beforehand when and if a candidate is going to be elevated. For one thing, we can make sure that said candidate actually makes it to that specific Court. For another thing, we can make sure that there will be a medallion ready and that his or her significant other, or friends, or household, are aware, so they can plan accordingly.

Does this mean that there is a risk of indiscretion from a member of the Order? Absolutely. But then, the risk of indiscretion is always out there whenever you inform anyone of anything. Even if you informed only one person instead of the whole Order, that person can commit an indiscretion at any time. Or not. However, in my opinion, the cost-benefit of that risk is worth it as it will allow people to prepare, even if the intended victim candidate has no clue about what is going to happen.

For instance, there was one gentle that I would have liked very much to give my medallion to.
(And of course, I know that I would have had to beat several other people for the honor, but what's a little blood among friends? . . .)

Regrettably, when this person was called into Court, there was the sound of crickets as this gentle had not been able to attend that particular event and so the award was given in absentia. I cannot help but to think that if the Order had been notified, someone would have pointed out that this person would not be attending, and provisions could have been made so that this person could receive the award in person at a later date. (Plus, the world missed the sight of several people slugging it out to give out a medallion!)

In the end, I don't think that there is a right or wrong way of doing this. Some people would like to be told beforehand, some don't. Personally, I would prefer not to know. Being the anal-retentive person I am, I know that I would be driving myself -- and everyone involved -- nuts by getting my hand in every step of the planning, and I would like to keep my friends, thankyouverymuch.

But if I ever get up for a peerage, I would like it very much for those dear to me, such as my husband, household and friends, to know so they can plot and plan and make sure that everyone is there, as well as the Order so they can also proceed accordingly.
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