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Mysterious Mystery

So I got an Evite for a housewarming party for a couple of people whose names don't ring a bell at all. I thought that they might be Scadians and that these were their mundane names, which I probably didn't know, and that's why I didn't recognized them.

With that thought, I scanned the list of guests, looking for a familiar email.

There was none that I would know from Adam, neither mundane nor Scadian.

Plus, the comments dropped by some of them did not suggest anything even remotely related to SCA activities.

(In fact, one of them mentioned something about skiing.)


(I've never sported a pair of skis in my entire life!)

Needless to say, I am entirely too amused. I have been tempted to drop a note saying "Have we met?", but then it would be perhaps too rude.

But it is a mysterious mystery. Either I will find out that I know these guys after all -- and this is going to be one embarrasing posting -- or someone made a typo and I've ended up with someone else's invite.

Stay tuned . . .
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