belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Project Wilhelmina is going swimmingly. Or at least, cutely.

She is now sporting a pair of drawers (with tiny blackwork!), and a chemise (with ruffles!), so she's not flashing passerbys anymore.

Of course, she's still bald as an egg, but I just received the mohair to give her a coiffure.

That being said, I have never attempted to use anything on a doll other than yarn for hair, (I've never been a dollmaker, and the few ones I've ever worked on were sort of Raggedy Ann dolls), so this should be interesting. Try giving the blasted thing a period hairstyle, and this should be entertaining.

I have been told that using acrylic is far easier than using mohair for this as it is easier to curl and handle, but I refuse to use non-natural fibers for this project if I can help it.

Of course, I did order some acrylic just in case I really mess up the mohair, but I am hoping not to have to use it.

Next, the farthingale.

Wow, making tiny garb is a royal pain in the butt.

So whose idea was this?

Never mind.
Tags: chalice, costuming, dollmaking
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