belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

I have been working on my Chalice project.

It is a fun little project, which I have named Wilhelmina. And except for the fact that Thing One and Thing Two (Seamus and Geoffreyapclwyd) keep threatening with sticking pins on her, everything is going swimmingly.

Bad, bad Thing One and Thing Two.

If you keep doing that, I will have no recourse but to make two of those in your likeness and stick needles on them too.


(I won't be posting any pics on Wilhelmina's progress until after Chalice.)

(Plus right now she's still naked and bald, and she has a strong objection to being pictured without her drawers on.)

("I may be bald," she says. "And I may be nekkid, but darned if I will let anyone get a picture of my bare linen tuchus.)

("I will never show my linen breasts," she adds. "Unless it's for Playboy, and they're paying me beaucoup bucks.")

And now, back to the drawing board.

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