belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Addendum to the Posting on Chalice III

Hello again!

Belphoebe here. People will want to know who the Chalice Champions are so they can gun for them. Here is the list of the current champs in the various disciplines. Come give us a run for our money! We'll be waiting for you!

Heavy Chalice Champion: Sir Justus de Tyre
Rapier Chalice Champion: Lord Connor Leuinstone
Archery Chalice Champion: Lord Siegfried Sebastian Faust
Artisan Chalice Champion: Baroness Belphoebe
Bardic Chalice Champion: Baroness Belphoebe
Youth Chalice Champion: Will be determined this year!

The current team Champions: Belfabulous and the Boys:
Baron Marcellus in the rapier
Sir Guy Lestrange in the armored (replacing Lord Odde ap Tam, who has moved out of Kingdom)
Baroness Belphoebe in the A&S and bardic
Lady Flora, otherwise known as weebaby with the bow and arrow (replacing Lady Aernfrid who has also moved out of Kingdom)

Sooooooo . . .

Are you ready to rumble?

Of course you are!

Bring it on!
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