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I'm Still Alive . . .

Well, I am still alive and back from Juarez.

I am so happy that we made the trek! We had a chance to spend time with my parents, who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and to have a good time with my brother and sister. I also think that it was great for Carlos to continue bonding with this side of the family. He is liking it very much, and we can see it in his behavior.

Plus spending Sunday afternoon all huddled in my parent's living room, watching -- and heckling -- the Mexican equivalent to "Singing with Celebrities," while my dad complained about our taste on tv shows, was priceless.

In that regard, I am happy to report that there is no comparison between Mexican and US reality shows. By that meaning that the Mexican ones are a heckuva lot more entertaining. If you have ever watched a Soccer match narrated by your usual NBC sportscaster, versus a Soccer match narrated in Spanish in Televisa or Telemundo or any of those channels, you will know what I am talking about. It's awesome.

(Another good thing is that we all went to mass in celebration of my parent's anniversary. I am happy to report that no thunder struck any of us, and that Carlos behaved very well during service. Can't ask for much more.)

At our return, my new Toshiba laptop and my silk were waiting for me. I love my new toy. It is light and it has resolution like nobody's business. Of course, I will have to wait a little bit before fully enjoying it, as Cassie will have to help me with the setup, but who cares? I love my Toshiba.

As for the silk, I am still debating about the design of the gown. Don't get me wrong. The body of the gown has been pretty much decided; it is the sleeves that are driving me nuts. Why? Because the body of the gown is of Italian design, and it was very popular in France. However, the French version has big, puffy sleeves, as opposed to narrow ones with tabs, which are typically Italian. The thing is, big an puffy is a pain in the butt to store, but unmistakeably French, whereas narrow with tabs is very flattering but unmistakeably Italian. Given the fact that I am trying to develop a French persona, this poses a dilemma.

On the other hand, I was reading the other day a transcription of a 16th Century letter, which stated that one of the Valois princesses had ordered a "gown in the Bergamesque fashion," meaning by that a gown in the style of Bergamo, Italy. This particular dress is very much in that style.

I think that I will make an executive decision as the project goes through.

Stay tuned.
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