belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

I'm not dead yet . . .

After a rather hectic week both at work, home and Pennsic Panic, the belfebe finally goes to the surface and takes a breath . . .

There. That was good.

I was ecstatic yesterday, as I was able to finish the project that was due on Monday. That meant that I did not have to work on the weekend, which makes me extremely happy.

It also means that I was so exhausted last night, that I was zonked out before 9 p.m.

But it was worth it . . .

This morning, I woke up with renewed energy. After a nifty breakfast with Ballistabob at IHOP, we headed out to get some last minute stuff for Pennsic such as plantains (yes FFG, let there be plantains this year on Mexican Night!). We also went hunting for a dresser for Carlos' room.

Yes, boys and girls, my son's room has been driving me nuts for quite a while. Taking advantage that El Brato is currently in Ireland, I have started doing some major cleanup and overhaul to that disaster zone. That is when I realized that, even if he were a very organized person, which he is not, it would have been impossible to keep a neat room. The reason for this is that he does not have enough closet space and, although he has a couple of Container Store plastic drawer sets, it simply wasn't enough to contain all of his stuff.

It was time to shop for a dresser.

Our first idea was to go to the Room Store and see if we could get something practical and at a decent price. Nevertheless, I had a pile o' stuff to drop off at Goodwill, so we decided to stop and see if there was anything worthwile in there while we were at it.

There was.

Oh, yes, there was. We scored a nice, almost new, perfectly good, perfectly sized, oak dresser for the grand total of $35.00.

Needless to say, it looks great, and after an entire day of work, several bags of donations to Goodwill, several bags of trash taken out, and a new bedspread set, the room looks really, really good.

My kid will not know what to do with himself when he gets back.

He'll probably scream in anguish because now he won't be able to find anything . . .

My job here, is done.


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