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RIP for Z104

A second entry today. This is very unlike me. However, I want to do it.

I want to take up the opportunity to mourn for one of my favorite radio stations, Z104.

This seems to be a trend, to do away with rock stations. Several months ago we woke up not to our usual WHFS modern music in the 99.1 frequency, but to some Latin beat which is now called El Zol. I have nothing against Latin music -- how could I? -- but I was unhappy to lose that station.

Now it is Z104. One morning it was there, and in the afternoon it was a classical music station.

Again, I don't have anything against classical music, and as classic stations go, WGMS is pretty darned good.

But now there are not one but two rock stations less in this area.

No wonder people are beginning to move to paid frequencies like Sirius or XM.

I may end up doing that in time.

And I can't help but wonder which station will be next.

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