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Okay, so I have been a lazy bum this week and have not updated much. Then again, I have all sorts of excuses, such as being out of the country, having a 4th of July BBQ, and being in full swing into Pennsic Panic.

So there.

This entry is not that exciting either, other than the fact that I feel that I am making some progress on the Pennsic issue. Not as much as I would have liked, but it is better than nothing. For one thing, at least I have some new rapier duds, which I will be wearing tomorrow at Storvik Novice. And no, I won't be fighting, but I will be helping with the marshalling and I will be teaching a good friend some embroidery. It is my day to kick back and look good.

I am also very close to finishing the pink doublet, which will go nicely with the brown venetians. (Mix and match 16th Century garb. How cool can it be.) Got 2 new fencing shirts, and I still need to repair the rest of my armor.

My main concern is El Brato, since he has almost zero garb and this will be his first Pennsic. I still need to help Marcellus make some fencing shirts since the ones he has have seen better days. And it would be nice if he got a new doublet and breeches. He's also threatening with making a G-53. Here is to hoping.

The bad news is, due to some miscalculations, the shirt that I made yesterday for Marcellus was too small. The good news is, it will fit Carlos. All we need to do is make the neck and wristbands smaller to fit the boy. Marcellus will be taking care of that and of cutting more shirts. Yay!

I also want to make a new leine for Carlos. Those are nifty tunics, comfy and cool. I've got the linen all prepped up, measures taken, and I am ready to rock and roll.

This has been all in all a vey good week. I took it off to go visit my parents and to attempt to make some headway with my Pennsic stuff. Add to that the remodeling of the downstairs bathroom -- still going on -- and assorted stuff, and I feel very accomplished.

Heck, I even got a pedicure. How decadent can you get?

And now, for something completely random, a Meme ganked from ssdevilducky

1. How many foreign countries have you visited?
Mexico (does that count? I was born there!), Ireland, England, France, Germany, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina.

2. What do you always take with you on vacation?
My three staples are the three P's: Plata, pasaporte y pasaje (Cash, passport and tickets). Anything else is negotiable. But I like to take lots of underwear (can never have too much of that!) and my camera. Oh, and an extra collapsible bag, which I can transform into luggage, just in case I acquire too much crap (which is always the case).

3. Name something you've lost recently:
My mind?

4. Do you prefer action packed vacations or relaxing ones?
I am not a beach person, if that is the question. I love places that have plenty of museums and nearby archeological sites. Better to waddle in the mud around a pyramid in the middle of the jungle than to get bored at a beach.

5. Other people's vacation photographs: do you really want to see them? Yes, as long as it is not 34,000 pics. Hmmmm . . . unless some of those pics involve Granny wearing a funny hat. Dancing the Macarena. On top of her Harley-Davidson. In Cancun. With a cabana boy. Yeah, I'd like to see that.


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Jul. 8th, 2006 02:12 am (UTC)
On a completely different topic....
If it's not too late, can I RSVP to Mailbu Grill for me, jurgenzuvols and damian333? And if ti is too late, can we at least tag along and sit at a different table?

See you at Storvik!
Jul. 24th, 2006 08:58 pm (UTC)
i had it in mind that you were one of the many people i read who had recently acquired a copy of "The Tudor Tailor", so i was going to point you at this Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tudor_Tailor_Reader/

but i can't find any reference to the post i *thought* you'd made, so the URL may be less use to you than i thought (or, perhaps it will be the final straw in convincing you to buy the book... as if you need more enabling, instead of less.... :)
Jul. 24th, 2006 09:18 pm (UTC)
Oh, it is a wonderful book and I did get a copy from the beginning. I know that I did post something on that, so you are not imagining things. :-)

Thanks for the link and I am looking forward to seeing you at Pennsic!

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