belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

12th Night and Other Subjects

Guess what? My German style dress is featured this week in Jennifer Thompson's website, "A Festive Attyre." (For those who are wondering who is Jen Thompson, her website is one of the best Renaissance costuming pages out there.) Check it out! Feature Attyre January 9, 2005

Oh, and click on the picture so you can see what else is there!


Okay, with that out of the way, all I can say is that we had a great time at 12th Night. It was great to see all of you guys in your nifty new garb. You looked amazing!

Also, it was wonderful to see Jeff and pirategirleee get their Opals; yorkshirelad his AoA; James and martelvonc their Pearls; and let's not forget Violante's Laurel. All I can say is WoW!

And isenglass, I do hope that we can stop and chat next time!

All in all, a very pleasant evening.

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