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Tabs with Pink Stuff

Okay, picture time!

The brown doublet is still in production, slowly but surely. One has to wonder what was I thinking when I decided to hand-stitch a rapier ensemble. Usually, I don't go to that sort of lengths for armor, but what the heck. I started that way, now I'll finish it that way.

At any rate, I had originally planned on decorating this sucker with a pink/rose bias tape. The combination of brown with rose is nice, and both colors existed in period.

Nevertheless, when I did my prototype tab to check if this idea would work, the result was not what I expected.

No, it is not that it is hideously ugly. It is not. Only that it is more garish than what I wanted to do. Here is the pic of the tab:

Not terrible. However, I did try doing a running stitch on another tab using rose silk, and the result is much nicer. Here it is:

It is not as garish, but combined with the stuffed and embroidered buttons I have made, plus a codpiece slashed in that same rose tone colored linen, it should look nifty.

The good news is, doing a running stitch takes a heckuva lot less time than making and attaching bias tape.

And now, to work on the doublet while watching the World Cup.

Mexico is playing against Iran.

Can't miss it.


Jun. 11th, 2006 07:07 pm (UTC)
I like that color combination! Have fun stitching!
Having had any sense of color compatability destroyed by working on scrolls, is there some way to check if particular color combinations were used in period for clothes other than checking portraits?
Jun. 11th, 2006 07:58 pm (UTC)
Probably checking inventories and accounting records of the period, where clothes are described. That's your best bet. In this case, I don't know whether or not brown and rose-pink would have been used combined, but both colors existed in period. I just used the "creative" part of the society ;-)

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