belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Tabs with Pink Stuff

Okay, picture time!

The brown doublet is still in production, slowly but surely. One has to wonder what was I thinking when I decided to hand-stitch a rapier ensemble. Usually, I don't go to that sort of lengths for armor, but what the heck. I started that way, now I'll finish it that way.

At any rate, I had originally planned on decorating this sucker with a pink/rose bias tape. The combination of brown with rose is nice, and both colors existed in period.

Nevertheless, when I did my prototype tab to check if this idea would work, the result was not what I expected.

No, it is not that it is hideously ugly. It is not. Only that it is more garish than what I wanted to do. Here is the pic of the tab:

Not terrible. However, I did try doing a running stitch on another tab using rose silk, and the result is much nicer. Here it is:

It is not as garish, but combined with the stuffed and embroidered buttons I have made, plus a codpiece slashed in that same rose tone colored linen, it should look nifty.

The good news is, doing a running stitch takes a heckuva lot less time than making and attaching bias tape.

And now, to work on the doublet while watching the World Cup.

Mexico is playing against Iran.

Can't miss it.

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