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Need . . . Coffee!!!!!!!!

So, it is Friday!


I have been waiting for it since Monday!

Is it me or is it rain I see from my window? I like rainy Fridays, particularly when it is getting close to quitting time. So c'mon, bring in the rain!

Nevertheless, what I really need right now is a nice cup of coffee.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my office has a nice, kickass window, but in the entire building there is a notorious lack of coffee. It is not that there is no coffee pot. The problem is, everyone is a morning coffee person, while I am an afternoon caffeine junkie.

That doesn't mean that I do not have coffee in the morning. I could never leave the house without drinking my mandatory cup. In fact, I would go as far as calling it a public service. Believe me, you do not want to deal with me before my first cup in the morning.

Nevertheless, and having cut my caffeine intake in dramatic proportions, after that first morning coffee all I drink is water. But by the afternoon, the need for caffeine becomes really urgent.

Enter the afternoon coffee pot.

Since most people in this floor do not drink coffee in the afternoon, I have my choice of drinking stale coffee (yuck!), or making a new pot. And since I am the only one who drinks it in the afternoon (and only one cup at that!), I feel bad about making a huge pot just for one cup. Add to that the fact that the coffeemaker is on the other side of the floor, and the idea of making more coffee suddenly becomes less enticing.


I can't wait for 5:30 so I can go home and fix me one in my little 4 cup Krups.
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