belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Plus, Plus, Plus . . .

University weekend was a lot of fun. Classes were incredible, and much fun was had during the drive with ballistabob and tanathe.


1. Putting the Period in your Performance, by Dunstan le Herryngmonger. It was really cool, and I walked out with some nifty handouts and a demo CD with period pieces sung by Dunstan. Bonus piece: The Infamous French Pig Song. If you have not heard Dunstan sing this little number, you don't know what you are missing.

2. Extreme Costuming, by Mistress Isobel Beddingfield. It was an amazing class, and I walked out with a nifty pattern for an embroidered coif. Also, I do realize that I still have a way to go with my own costuming. However, I feel really motivated and ready to go to the "extreme."

3. The Veils class by Elspet Byndelaise: Oh-my-God. I knew that Elspet was a lot of fun, but I never realized that she could be so hysterically funny. I learned a lot about veils -- which is very useful since it is not my period -- and now I know what to do with all those odd shaped pieces of leftover linen. Plus no more bad hair at Court after being on the rapier/heavy field all day!

4. Rapier Marshal 101: Which I needed to keep my warrant current. Yay me!

Sunday was a very busy day. In the late morning/early afternoon, we went to help akgnome move, and then to Famous Dave's for some good time and excellent barbecue. Then we headed home where I worked on my brown doublet (which I have decided shall be sleeveless during the summer and sleeved by the Fall), and ballistabob cut a fencing shirt. We also made our list of Pennsic garb and I have now told Carlos that I will get him his learner's permit in exchange for him learning how to sew.

(Needless to say, he cringed, but he accepted. We shall see.)

Later on, ballistabob finally gave me the content for me to update his newborn webpage so it is now finally up.

And speaking of webpages. I have a lot of updating to do with geoffreyapclwyd and akgnome's, not to mention that I have a ton o' stuff that I need to update on mine.

Plus Pennsic garb.

Plus hand-stitched brown fencing outfit.

Plus finishing the French gown of insanity.

Plus figuring out what the heck I am going to do for the Chalice of the Sun God A&S Competition.

Plus Alle Psallite.

Plus raising a teenager.

Plus rapier fencing.

Plus (hopefully) authorize sword and board.

Plus I am tired of listing all in here.

No rest for the wicked.

And now, back to the drawing board.

These people over here expect me to do some work in exchange for my salary. Can you imagine that?

The nerve!
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