belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Soul Patrol Rules!

Congratulations Taylor Hicks! You truly are an American Idol!


American Idol was a lot of fun, and it seems that they are really putting more thought into the finale show. Other years, the finale has been sort of an afterthought, with some not very good "padding" between the beginning and the moment when they crown the A.I. This year it was hysterically funny and overall a very entertaining show. You can find a very good recaplet here, which is the site of Television Without Pity.

Another really good recap of the May 23 performances can be found at the Vote for the Worst website. Check it out.

I must say, some of these guys have really working on their acts. For one thing, Bucky looked and sounded amazing. I predict that he will pull a Josh Gracin and make it big in Country. Heck, even the BrokeNote Cowboys, who were in no way, shape or form, part of even the quarter (or was it eight) finals, sounded great in their token appearance.

Heck, if William Hung was able to get a record deal, they can get one too.

Well, it may not be the Grammys, but the A.I. finals was loads of entertainement in their own cheesy way.

I loved it.

So, hello, my name is belfebe and I am addicted to American Idol.

I can't wait for Season 6.

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