belfebe (belfebe) wrote,

Glove Joy!

Hey, guess what? I was checking the merchant links in the Tudor Tailor webpabe, and I found someone who does hadmade 16th C. glove reproductions. The joy comes from the fact that his gloves look very similar to my version of the Sir Francis Drake gloves.

Check it out:

This is the Karl Robinson version of simple gloves.

This is my version.

The main difference is the stitch. Robinson has used a whipstitch, whereas I have used a running stitch. The whipstitch looks a lot better, and that is what I am planning on using on my next pair. Also, the tips of his fingers are slightly more tapered than mine -- a feature that I also intend to correct in my next pair.

Then again, this was my very first pair of gloves, and Mr. Robinson is an experienced glover. Of course his are going to look a lot nicer. Maybe in time I will achieve his level of quality.

I am really happy because I had some doubts on whether I really had gotten it right or not. Let's face it, most references to period gloves gush about its embroidery and decoration for pages, but tell you almost nothing about period construction. That is partly because the guilds of glovers kept their techniques very secret, a fact that drives the rest of us insane.

However, it seems that at least someone else came up with the same results. And that someone is a reputable craftsman.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

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